About Me

Tomboy, petrolhead, addicted to Formula 1 like my life depends on it, metalhead (insert horns raised to the sky), I may have more tattoos than what my parents know about;


I adore everything purple, I go crazy for peonies, I am an avid book reader, and i am totally, incredibly bonkers: hi everyone, my name is Silvia and I am an unconventional, crazy woman on a journey to physical and mental greatness. Sounds boring and pompous as hell, I know.

Fact is, I spent all my life being considered “different”, “quirky”, “total weirdo”, just because I don’t conform with the ideal of what a girl / woman should be, and (partly) because of that I have always hated myself with a passion.

After some upsetting events (aka: I have been brutally dumped), I decided to stop being my enemy number one, to embrace who I am and to work hard to ultimately become the awesome person I know I can be.

This blog will be a sort of diary of the work I am doing on myself, on a both physical and mental level. I will write about my struggles and I will write about my successes; most of the times it will be fun and laughter, but I reserve the right to have a proper good moan and, if I will feel necessary, to potentially to cry my eyes out.

Welcome to my crazy world, I hope you’ll enjoy the reading.